Setup SonarQube in Azure VM

If you have installed and integrated SonarQube once in TFS 2012 you know it was really painful. But a lot of things have changed and now it’s really easy to setup a new SonarQube instance in Azure and integrate it into you build process and in Visual Studio. I did it this week and it was really fast and straight forward. Setup a machine in Azure I wanted to have a machine for trainings and demos. That’s why I decided to use SQL Server 2014 on Windows 2012 R2. Like this I can turn the machine on and of easily. … Continue reading Setup SonarQube in Azure VM

ALM Days 2016 in Köln

In einem Monat ist es soweit: die ALM Days finden dieses Jahr in Köln am 13. und 14. April statt. Wie jedes  Jahr geht es hier rund um die Themen Application Lifecycle Management, agile Entwicklung und natürlich DevOps. Als Speaker sind wieder viele Experten von Microsoft aus Deutschland und den USA und viele meiner MVP Kollegen. Die Anmeldung ist noch offen. Wer sich also bisher noch nicht angemeldet hat, kann das jetzt noch tun. Jetzt anmelden Die ALM Days sind für mich eine der besten Veranstaltungen im Jahr. Man kann sehr gut kontakte Pflegen und bekommt wirklich immer das aktuellste … Continue reading ALM Days 2016 in Köln

Release management trial license has expired

The license of the Release Management Server at one of my client expired multiple times. This time I was really sure that I had installed the correct version from MSDN. When I looked around I found the answer on msdn. As it turned out the problem is not, that the license had expired. The user under which the application pool is running has to load a user profile to read the license. This can be configured in iis. Continue reading Release management trial license has expired

Visual Studio Release Management and PaaS

Can you deploy Platform as a Service (PaaS) components to Azure using Visual Studio Release Management? I get this question quite often lately. Short answer: yes you can. And how? Via a virtual machine. Yes – this is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and not PaaS. Yes – this is not what you expected. Me neither. But it’s the only supported way right now. I hope this will change in future versions and that we get a “Azure PowerShell” like we have in Build.VNext. But right now this is the way to go. If you watch BREAKPOINT: Release Management and … Continue reading Visual Studio Release Management and PaaS

New Version of SPEmulators available on nuget

Today I released a new version of the SPEmulators – the package to emulate SharePoint Server API in Farm Solutions – on nuget. The current version is 2.0. The current version includes: Support for Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Fixed errors for some editions of VS 2012 and 2013 Included Pull Request from Vladimir Almaev with support for SPViewFieldCollection Fixed some minor bugs For installing and using the package please refer to my original post. If you have any questions, issues or feature requests, please create an issue on the project page on GitHub. Continue reading New Version of SPEmulators available on nuget

SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

I had no support for Visual Studio 2015 in my first beta. I fixed this and added a pester test script to test the init.ps1. I also notices that there are problems with older versions of SharePoint on premises. Therefor I created a second nuget package. The original package SPOEmulators now uses the dependent package Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM as the source for the CSOM assemblies (version 16). The new package SPOEmulators (on-premises) directly references the version 15 of the CSOM assemblies. For details how to use the SPOEmulators refer to the readme on or to my original post here. Continue reading SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

New Version of Release Explorer available

There is a new version (2.1 beta) of the Release Explorer for Visual Studio 2013 available. The release explorer is a visual studio extension that allows you to manage your Release Management items from within your Team Explorer in Visual Studio. It is still beta – but the new Version is a lot better than the previous. The current version now allows you to connect to the server using your credentials and you don’t have to save the password in plain text here. This was the biggest pain in the first version for me. In the context menu of a … Continue reading New Version of Release Explorer available