SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

I had no support for Visual Studio 2015 in my first beta. I fixed this and added a pester test script to test the init.ps1. I also notices that there are problems with older versions of SharePoint on premises. Therefor I created a second nuget package. The original package SPOEmulators now uses the dependent package Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM as the source for the CSOM assemblies (version 16). The new package SPOEmulators (on-premises) directly references the version 15 of the CSOM assemblies. For details how to use the SPOEmulators refer to the readme on github.com or to my original post here. Continue reading SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

Side notes for SharePoint and O365 developers from #MSIgnite

I’m not trying to cover all relevant aspects of SharePoint announcements that are made the last days on Microsoft Ignite – I’m sure you’re all following it closely. I just want to highlight the most important aspects for SharePoint developers and the impact they have on my work. Provisioning Engine The Office365 Developer Patterns and Practices group announced a provisioning engine for provisioning SharePoint artifacts (sites, lists, fields, content types etc.). It takes a xml file with a custom syntax as the input and provisions the content using the API. It also works both ways – you can use the … Continue reading Side notes for SharePoint and O365 developers from #MSIgnite