How to write web performance tests for SharePoint Online and ADFS

Creating web performance tests in Visual Studio for SharePoint on premise is easy and well documented. But writing them for Office 365 / SharePoint online is another thing. The authentication can be different – depending on you configuration – and … Continue reading How to write web performance tests for SharePoint Online and ADFS

PowerShell DSC for SharePoint

I stopped the work on my DSC modules for SharePoint (xSharePointAdministration) some time ago because the PowerShell team was working on the xSharePoint module. The module has now reached Version 1.0 and was renamed to SharePointDSC. The module is already pretty mayor and can be used to deploy SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. It supports PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0. I already started using it in some customer projects. It’s not yet perfect – but what the PowerShell team does is really “Open Development” and not just “Open source”. I contributed the xSPFarmSolution resource, the version parameter for the xFeature resource … Continue reading PowerShell DSC for SharePoint

Missing files in MSDeploy package

Problem If you create an MSDeploy package for a SharePoint or O365 AddIn (a.k.a App) in a team build the package does not include all files (like i.e. language resources). Reason This seems to be a bug in MSDeploy. If you build the app only with /p:Ispackaging=True everything works fine. You get a web package inside the app.publish folder that contains all files. If you work with multiple Publishing Profiles and specify an explicit profile strange things happen. /p:DeployOnBuild=true /p:PublishProfile=NameOfPackageProfile You still get the package but if you look inside the package the folders are missing. Solution If you can … Continue reading Missing files in MSDeploy package

Set assembly and app version to a matching build name in TFS 2015 or VSO Build.VNext

One of the most common customizations in TFS XAML build templates was to automatically update the assembly version number. This can also be done in build vNext using a small power shell script. I also added the option to apply … Continue reading Set assembly and app version to a matching build name in TFS 2015 or VSO Build.VNext

New Version of SPEmulators available on nuget

Today I released a new version of the SPEmulators – the package to emulate SharePoint Server API in Farm Solutions – on nuget. The current version is 2.0. The current version includes: Support for Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Fixed errors for some editions of VS 2012 and 2013 Included Pull Request from Vladimir Almaev with support for SPViewFieldCollection Fixed some minor bugs For installing and using the package please refer to my original post. If you have any questions, issues or feature requests, please create an issue on the project page on GitHub. Continue reading New Version of SPEmulators available on nuget

SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

I had no support for Visual Studio 2015 in my first beta. I fixed this and added a pester test script to test the init.ps1. I also notices that there are problems with older versions of SharePoint on premises. Therefor I created a second nuget package. The original package SPOEmulators now uses the dependent package Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM as the source for the CSOM assemblies (version 16). The new package SPOEmulators (on-premises) directly references the version 15 of the CSOM assemblies. For details how to use the SPOEmulators refer to the readme on or to my original post here. Continue reading SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

SPOEmulators beta available

Today I published the first beta of SPOEmulators on The project is open source (MIT license) and is available on GitHub. SPOEmulators is a framework that helps you to write unit and integration tests against Office 365 or SharePoint on premise using the client side object model (CSOM). It uses the Microsoft Fakes Framework to emulate the SharePoint or O365 CSOM. The benefit is, that you an write your tests against the real backend as integration tests. If your code works you can add a little more effort to convert the test to an isolated unit test. Like this … Continue reading SPOEmulators beta available