PowerShell DSC for SharePoint

I stopped the work on my DSC modules for SharePoint (xSharePointAdministration) some time ago because the PowerShell team was working on the xSharePoint module. The module has now reached Version 1.0 and was renamed to SharePointDSC.

The module is already pretty mayor and can be used to deploy SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. It supports PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0. I already started using it in some customer projects.

It’s not yet perfect – but what the PowerShell team does is really “Open Development” and not just “Open source”. I contributed the xSPFarmSolution resource, the version parameter for the xFeature resource and the xSPWeb resource and it was really a great experience. Many thanks to Brian Farnhill and Travis Plunk. So start using it for future deployments. If you find any bug or need additional resources you get a great support from the community.

If you are new to PowerShell DSC you can watch the the video from Brian. It gives you a great introduction in DSC in general, the SharePointDSC module (formally xSharePoint) and how you use it together in Azure.

Update: The module was released as Version 1.0 on 6/7/2016. See this post for more Details.

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