Use the DSC Script resource to change the application pool identity

The Desired State Configuration (DSC) module xWebAdministration does not yet support changing the identity of an application pool. There is a community fork cWebAdministration that seems to support it –  but I have not tested it yet.

What I did was to use the script resource to change the identity using the module WebAdministration. This is pretty straight forward so I just share the code here. Note that after changing the identity the state of the application pool is stopped. You can use the xWebAppPool resource to start it again.

Configuration WebServerConfiguration
	Node $AllNodes.NodeName
        Script ChangeAppPoolIdentity
            GetScript = { return @{ AppPoolName = "$($using:Node.WebAppPoolName)" }}
            TestScript = 
                import-module webadministration -verbose:$false
                $pool = get-item("IIS:\AppPools\$($using:Node.WebAppPoolName)")
                return $pool.processModel.userName -eq $using:AppPoolUserName
            SetScript = 
                import-module webadministration -verbose:$false

                $pool = get-item("IIS:\AppPools\LSK.Services");

                $pool.processModel.userName = [String]($using:AppPoolUserName)
                $pool.processModel.password = [String]($using:AppPoolPassword)
                $pool.processModel.identityType = [String]("SpecificUser");

                $pool | Set-Item
            DependsOn = "[xWebsite]WebSite"

        xWebAppPool NewWebAppPool 
            Name            = $Node.WebAppPoolName 
            Ensure          = "Present" 
            State           = "Started" 
			DependsOn       = "[Script]ChangeAppPoolIdentity"

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