Control multiple machines with a single mouse and keyboard

I always have multiple devices on my desk. Normally it my laptop and my tablet. I’ve always been looking for a way to control all devices from a single mouse and keyboard. I tried the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard which can switch between multiple devices – but it is too small to use it on a regular basis.

Now my friend Thomas suggested that I try Mouse Without Borders – a garage project from Microsoft. And I’m really impressed! This is a real productivity gain. Just install the little tool on all your machines – and as long as they are on the same network they connect themselves. You can then seamlessly move any of the connected mice from one pc to the other. The keyboard input follows the mouse – so you can also use the same keyboard on all machines. And the best thing: you can also use the clipboard (with a size limit of 100MB) and Drag & Drop single files between the machines.

Main features
  • Control multiple computers seamlessly using a single mouse and keyboard
  • Peer-to-peer system: Any machine can be a master machine
  • Multiple mode: Keyboard/mouse repeat in all machines
  • Shared clipboard: copy text/image/screenshot from one machine and paste to other machines
  • Drag/drop file across machines
  • Selective screen capture (Ctrl+Shift+S)
  • Support on logon/UAC desktop
  • Personalize Logon Screen – a plus feature for Windows 7 and newer version of Windows
  • Customize keyboard layout

I really was impressed. It works without any performance implications. And the machines connect and disconnect without problems. Give it a try!

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