Alexa, open Azure DevOps

In one of our Hackathons, we had the idea to create an Alexa skill to work with Azure DevOps Boards. The idea is, that you stand in a daily standup before a none touch display and can move your items on the board without using a mouse and keyboard. It could also be useful for remote teams where sometimes members dial in per Phone.

Here’s a demo of our first version we created:

Of course, there are a lot of features missing. There is not lookup for WorkItems by Title. You cannot create new WorkItems yet. But I first want to know, if this would be interesting for you. I have a tweet on twitter with a link to the video.

Please like it, if you think that this has value for your team. Also leave a comment there (or here in the blog) with the most important features that you wanted to have.

I’d be also interested if you would prefer an open source backend (Azure Function) to install in your tenant or if you would prefer a managed service (and pay for it).

Let me know what you think.

12 thoughts on “Alexa, open Azure DevOps

  1. This is pure awesomeness! Cheers to the team behind the curtains.

    I am actually working on similar story where I can use my Alexa in the entire CI/ CD pipeline, including Ops.

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