Speaking at NDC London

I had the pleasure to deliver a talk NDC London this year:

From Application Security to Developer Security – Shift left with GitHub Advanced Security

You can find the handout here.

I was not the only one at NDC from Xpirit. There were also Alex Thissen, Loek Duys, Marcel de Vries, and Wesley Cabus.

Flyer with 5 speaker of Xpirit

I arrived in London on Tuesday. The venue in London is great. Very central with a great view on Big Ben.

My talk was directly after the opening keynote in room 3. It went well and I got a lot of good feedback. The audience was very active and interested – a typical NDC audience.

It was great catching up with all my friends. And Michelle Mannering from GitHub – she delivered a great talk about GitHub copilot – got me some new GitHub socks:

Unfortunately, I already had to leave Thursday morning to be back on time for our Innovation Day. But it was a good start into the new public speaking season. I’ll see you at the next conferences.

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