SPEmulators v1.1.0 available

I just released the new Version (v1.1.0) of the #SPEmulators on nuget. The release contains the following changes:

  • Support for test projects that target .net 4.5 (previous 4.5.1)
  • Support for VS Premium with version 2012 Update 2 or higher (thanks to Tiliavir for the support)
  • The assembly is now signed
  • Added support to create lists by schema.xml and elements.xml to GetOrCreateList

The last feature is quite experimental. There is support for fields (text, number, date, user, lookup) from schema.xml. There is also support for the basic properties in the elements.xml. I also added support for default data that is deployed thru elements.xml. This was pretty important to me, since I use it frequently to have test data available after deployment.

I added sample projects to the source on GitHub. Please let me know what you think. If you like this feature I will continue to support more field types.

5 thoughts on “SPEmulators v1.1.0 available

  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately it’s not working on Visual Studio 2013 Premium (it should, because Fakes are supported in this version).

    In tools/init.ps1 you should change:
    if ($BuildNumber -ge “60315”){
    if ($BuildNumber -ge “60315” -or $DTE.Version -ge “12”){

    I would be thankful for upgrade of NuGet package.


  2. There is bug there too:
    if (-not ($DTE.Edition -eq “Premium”) -or ($DTE.Edition -eq “Ultimate”)){
    Should be:
    if (-not (($DTE.Edition -eq “Premium”) -or ($DTE.Edition -eq “Ultimate”))){

    1. I applied you changes and uploaded a new nuget package ( Please let me know if this works with you editions, so that I can create and publish a stable Version. I can’t really test it since I have only installed Ultimate on all my machines…

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