DevOpsCon Berlin – GitHub Bootcamp Workshop

I had a great time at DevOpsCon Berlin. I met a lot of old friends, had very interesting discussions with the audience, and a lot of fun with the orga team and the other speakers.

GitHub Bootcamp Workshop

Yesterday I delivered a full-day workshop called GitHub Bootcamp (you can download the slides and fork the companion repo). The workshop covers collaboration in GitHub with Issues, Discussion, Wikis, and Pages. Collaboration on code with Codeowners, Branch Protection, Draft Pull Requests, Suggestions, and Auto-Merge – with a complete hands-on lab from local git to cloud. Then we had a deep-dive into GitHub Actions with a hands-on lab for a workflow including expressions and workflow commands, a container based action, and a staged workflow with environments.

The feedback of the participants was good and I think they enjoyed the workshop. I did – and I also learned a lot from their questions.

Contact me if you are interested in GitHub trainings like this. I have these in different length and intensity levels and with different focus (Developers, DevOps/SRE, Actions, Beginners, Advanced and so on).

See you at the next DevOpsCon in Munich!

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